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"It has been a pleasure working with Heather Goff on the website for the Edgartown Golf Club.

Not only are her technical skills top-notch but her ability to capture the essence of the club and translate it to screen was remarkable. She is a true artist in web design.

As somewhat of a novice in the computer world, I was a little worried about properly maintaining the site once it was completed. Heather has made it very easy to operate and maintain. The system that she set up for us is simple to manage yet very comprehensive in its content.

Her ongoing consulting work has further enhanced the website and she has been there whenever I needed a hand. We could not have chosen a better designer to work with.

All of the members at the Edgartown Golf Club love the site and find it a great addition to an environment that they enjoy so much."

Mark C. Hess
General Manager
Edgartown Golf Club

" Heather, just a note to thank you for my blog and for encouraging me to bring my computer to aix, it made my trip and i loved incorporating the blog into my painting experience, in fact the whole thing became a series of incidences that all fit together, hope you get a chance to read some entries, the earlier are more interesting then i ended up writing more for myself,it was a great experience and a sign that i will travel in the future."

" I can't thank you enough for your patience, instruction, and artistry in creating my new Seastone Papers website. Although I had a website originally designed in the early 1990's by one of my interns, I was never able to do more than struggle through learning a basic html code for changing the yearly workshops offerings. Now I have learned to do everything to update and modify my website. I can add text for workshops and, thankfully, all new photos to classes being taught at Seastone Papers; update products; and have the most fun with creating interactive "flip" books to add to my site. I'm having so much fun with the home page and its rotating imagery. You've even provided me with the ability to create a Youtube video to demonstrate techniques in papermaking and book arts. Larissa, who will be teaching kids here at the studio, loves the color on the Kids' page. You've been marvelous about working with the two of us, each of us with different ideas about what we wanted. With so many different components to this site, I can't thank you enough for the patience and attentiveness you offered me as you coached me through the development of each section. Because of your clear instructions, I have the confidence to manage this site. Moreover, I love the ability to stay fresh."

"Dear Heather,
The site is fantastic. The ability to edit it and have it automatically update the menus is too cool for words. Once again you have outdone my expectations. It’s funny, while making a slight change to the wording on the home page I found a glaring grammatical error that all my proof readers missed! I would add that I am also impressed with the fact that you make altering the text so easy as opposed to other web designers that force you to pay for every small change to be made by them. On my type of page, where the content may change on a daily basis, this is a real money saver.
Bob Fynbo

"Dear Heather,
Your intuitive web-site design is fantastic. I love the look and feel of my site, and how easily I am able to add articles, products- anything I want. This morning I created four new gift baskets, photographed them with my digital camera, loaded the images onto my computer, and created their shop pages. I am really pleased at how quickly I was able to do this, and with the way the products are automatically loaded into the target grids and categories that I specify- so they come up in many places in my web-store: For example, the Friendship Gift Basket now appears on the "What's New" page, the "Gift Baskets" page, the "Gifts for Friends" page, the "Hostess Gifts" page, and the "All Products" page. The most amazing thing about my web-site is that I really can DO it- at first I was afraid of the idea of being my own web-master, and how time consuming that would be. I'm finding it actually saves time, because I can make changes when I want without having to wait until my "master" has time. It also saves money because I am making the additions and changes myself. My gosh, with the new web-site, I'm even closer to becoming the "master" of my own universe!
Thanks for everything,"
Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

"Thanks Heather
for the great site, everyone likes it and finds it easy to use. You are so efficient too, it's remarkable, I don't
know how you do it!!
Thank you sooo much."
Linzi Arundale

"I wanted a website that could showcase all the various aspects of my life, especially writing, editing, horses, feminism, science fiction, and life on Martha's Vineyard, and give me a place to blog about all of the above. Heather's design pulls together the disparate parts into a coherent, attractive, easy-to-navigate whole. I'm thrilled with her interface: not only can I add and edit text at will, I can also upload photos of my terminally photogenic dog and horse (both of whom have many online fans). My site is already winning praise from my editor colleagues; like me, they use many websites in the course of a day, and well-designed sites make their work so much easier. Thanks so much, Heather, for making me look so good!"
Susanna J. Sturgis

"I am really pleased with the whole look and feel of the site and how easy it seems to make the changes. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!"
Deborah Colter (referring to her on-line art gallery and the browser interface for uploading new paintings to her gallery and archiving the old)

"Heather showed a remarkable talent for turning vague descriptions of how I wanted my site to “feel” into a design that not only superbly showcases my work and reflects my style but is also easy to use and easy to maintain. The experience of working with her was terrific. She’s very responsive, she listens, and she comes up with creative solutions, quickly. My lack of understanding about how web sites work was a non-issue as she is an excellent communicator. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!"
Janet Woodcock

"I have heard other people complain about their web developers. They say they are never available when they need them and that they can't get changes done in a timely manner. I breathe a sigh of relief when I hear this because working with Heather is exactly the opposite experience. She is experienced, conscientious, available, and always over delivers on her promises. I have worked with her for several years and on two sites and have benefited from every interaction."
Doreen Banaszak

"Everything looks incredible!  I love our website, it really feels like the shop!  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job."
Rita Imbimbo

"I am thrilled with Heather's design for my web page. Her unique talent for seeing exactly how to represent one's work within a straight-forward format, incorporating all the elements of design is made apparent on first glance to the site. My oil paintings of birds seem to fly up onto the page, displaying an accessibility and expressiveness of the art work that I did not think was possible on a computer. Thank you, Heather!"
Jackie Mendez-Diez

"I'm so happy with the web site. You have done a fabulous job...."
Beldan Kurosman Radcliffe

"I collaborated with Heather over a three month period on the development of our film society's web site. I found Heather to be highly professional and efficient in her approach to design, especially helping me (a novice) understand the many options for presentation. She was both enthusiastic and budget conscience, a powerful combination when working with our non-profit organization."
Richard Paradise, Director
Silver Screen Film Society

"Heather created my initial web design and subsequent significant additions. She collaborated closely with me to communicate the essence of my unique niche while making it extremely attractive and user friendly. Working with Heather made me feel like I had a true partner in this marketing project. She provided guidance along with her talent and skills in web design. Heather listens to her clients needs, asks clarifying questions and makes suggestions that are both logical and cost effective. I constantly receive positive feedback on my site that it is inviting, attractive and very easy to navigate. The site generates new clients and revenue. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend working with Heather for your web based business needs."
Ginger Pozzini

"Hi Heather,

The new thing works great.
As usual, I'm thrilled and delighted. Your speed and efficiency dazzles me.
Thank you."
Alex Ferris (referring to online text editor (view sample here) for manipulating content on his web site)

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