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Heather Goff
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Heather Goff of goffgrafix.com is dedicated to designing forward compatible websites that are graphically pleasing and affordable.

Heather has been designing websites since 1997, and continually takes classes in her vocation to stay on the leading edge of webdesign technology and solutions.

She specializes in designing and programming websites with content management systems (CMS) giving her clients control of their website's updates and content.

Seeing websites as a communication tool, Heather is committed to making sites that enable people to communicate seamlessly.

It is her mission to create websites that are attractive AND have easy content management systems, so that you can talk to your public with immediacy, and put your thoughts and works online as soon as they are conceived with a site that follows your company's graphic branding.

To ensure that your site is the best that it can be: goffgrafix uses the latest graphic design and programming software available. Heather subscribes to https://crossbrowsertesting.com/, and has multiple computer platforms and browsers available in her office for testing web site design across platforms and browsers. Goffgrafix is committed to quality. Heather Goff also subscribes to searchenginenews.com and other leading informative website ezines so that she can ensure that she is programming your website to the highest standards of today.

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member of the International Webmasters Association and the HTML Writers Guildmember of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals

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