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The goffgrafix.com dedicated hosting servers are configured to goffgrafix.com specifications, so you get a WEB HOSTING PACKAGE THAT IS STATE OF THE ART. goffgrafix has the best control panel available, anti spam filters for your email and comprehensive web stat reporting.

The servers are housed in a NOC center in Houston Texas and are monitored around the clock by server technicians to keep hackers out, run updates, do security patches, back up data , in short, to keep things running smoothly and to ensure that your site is safe. All sites are backed up daily with additional weekly back-ups to a separate location for redundancy. TO SIGN UP FOR HOSTING CLICK HERE.


Package RS1 RS2 RS3 RS3-blog RS4 RS5 RS6
Disc Space 500 MB 750 MB 3000 MB 3000 MB 4000 MB 5000 MB 12000 MB
POP Email Accounts 10 20 50 50 100 100 200
Bandwidth, Monthly transfer 10 GIG 15 GIG 30 GIG 30 GIG 40 GIG 50 GIG 60 GIG
CGI/PHP Support yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Spamhaus Anti Spam Filter yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Spam Assassin   yes yes yes yes yes yes
Control Panel Lite CP Lite CP Big CP Big CP Big CP Big CP Big CP
Server Wide IP Address yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Webalizer/Analog Web Stats Programs yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Server Wide SSL certificate yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
mySQL Database     2 2 2 5 5
Domain Parking     yes yes yes yes yes
FTP Manager     yes yes yes yes yes
Wordpress Blog       yes      
billed monthly

automatic payments
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Please read the hosting agreement before ordering goffgrafix hosting services

For Shell Access SSH please enquire. Restrictions apply.


View Screen Shots of hosting control panels - click here

All hosting packages include:

  • Log Analysis Tools
  • Mail POP Accounts, Forwarding & Autoresponders
  • Extended Web Logs (awstats http://www.awstats.org/)
  • Account Control Center
  • Free WebMail Interface

RS3 hosting packages also include:

  • anti-spam filters for web mail
  • ftp manager
  • domain parking
  • system cgi scripts and more.

    We also recommend:

    Advanced Keyword, Search Engine, Campaigns, Analytics & Website Statistics....

    goffgrafix has a dedicated server that is monitored 24/7 and fully managed with the latest security patches and upgrades. All content is backed up nightly on-site and weekly off-site for added redundancy. Hosting since 1997, we have packages for all ranges of websites, from simple server-side-include sites to database driven sites with custom shopping carts and admin areas.

    If you don't yet have a domain name registered, goffgrafix can do that for you as well. The cost of domain registration through goffgrafix is 15$ a year. If you're interested in domain registration click here.

    Our large and scalable facility is expertly designed to optimize and protect your IT operations. A diversely routed fiber optic Dual OC-3 backbone (Level 3 and Genuity) provides reliable, high-speed Internet access and guarantees the bandwidth you need. goffgrafix’s power system features dual power feeds for each equipment rack, uninterrupted power supply protection (UPS), redundant auxiliary power sources, and a 480 volt, three-phase emergency generator with approximately 72 hours of fuel. goffgrafix has two independent cooling systems, each capable of maintaining the facility at optimal temperatures. goffgrafix's facility is constructed of self-extinguishing materials and is equipped with a zone-controlled fire suppressions system.
    High security protection for your data

    goffgrafix protects your data and equipment with several layers of physical and electronic barriers. Physical access to the facility is controlled and monitored by advanced biometric hand scan technology, infrared sensors detecting changes in heat, and closed-circuit video surveillance.

    goffgrafix places a powerful shield between your data and electronic intruders. We use the latest network security protocols, firewall technology, anti-virus software, and encryption techniques. Our Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) scans all inbound traffic for rogue activity, invalid log-on attempts, and other suspicious activity that may compromise security. Our security experts think like hackers and use the hackers’ favorite tools to ensure goffgrafix's security systems stay tight.


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