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A topic that keeps coming up more and more around the internet is RSS Feeds. (check out my glossary for definitions). RSS Feeds are a means of both supplying relevant and fresh content to your web site, AND ALSO of syndicating your own articles and putting them out on the internet to generate traffic back to your web site. Valid RSS feed. If you are interested in having an easy interface set up on your site to do either of these tasks, please contact me.
I can set up your site so that you can display relevant news topics, and/or I can create an easy interface for you to upload your own articles to your site and add them to your own feed. My interface creates a valid RSS feed on the fly with the articles that you choose. The programming is done for you, behind the scenes.

Another great resource is FEEDFORALL, which is a desktop application which allows you to create multiple feeds and upload them to your server.

[Valid RSS]Below I have a sample feed set up with some of my own articles, as well as a drop down menu of other feeds.

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