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After your site is built - what next?

These resources explore ways of enhancing your business through the web once your website is built, from passive income to e-newsletter services.

Looking for a way to cut back on spam? Thinking of putting together an e-mail newsletter or mailing list to remind your clients where you are? Here are some resources.

There are different affiliate programs that can help you earn "passive" income through your web site. Google adsense is one. Amazon's associates program is another. (You can see samples of both of these on this page: right hand column.) A third is Search Feed. This is a search engine that you can incorporate into your site. What is important to figure out is whether you diminish your website's content and message by incorporating these tools into it. What you earn in passive income may not compensate for traffic lost, or site appeal diminished.

Read more about my experience with passive income here.


A topic that keeps coming up more and more around the internet is RSS Feeds. (check out my glossary for definitions). RSS Feeds are a means of both supplying relevant and fresh content to your web site, AND ALSO of syndicating your own articles and putting them out on the internet to generate traffic back to your web site. PODCASTING is another form of RSS feeds which supplies people with audio instead of articles. RSS is a great way to get your content out on the web, and to redirect targeted traffic back to your site.

Information on how to optimize your web site for search engine placement and links to where you can submit your site.


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