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The price of a website used to be divided into four parts: domain name registration (1), web site build (2), hosting (3) and maintenance (4). Today, having a website presence is much more complicated and you should factor in the cost in time of continually adding content to your site to keep it fresh and writing copy - or hiring a copy writer, social media networking and search engine optimization. Goffgrafix does not provide SEO services, however the content management systems are designed so that all SEO content can be easily managed.

  1. Domain Name Registration: We can register domain names for you starting at $16/year.
  2. Web Site Build: The cost of building a website depends on the graphic design of the site, what functionality the site requires, and whether it is set up with a custom content management system or with wordpress. Heather schedules a one hour consulation to discuss your exact needs, and then provides a detailed estimate for the cost of build. Goffgrafix pricing does not include search engine optimization research or data entry.

    Heather's hourly rate is $95 for programming and design. Although she has put up sites for $600 - $800, most sites average $1500 - $3000 to develop.
  3. Hosting: Hosting is a monthly fee. Sites with content management systems use the RS3 package priced at $16/month. Wordpress hosting is $19.50/month. To view all hosting packages and rates, please click here.
  4. Maintenance: If Heather designs you a site with a content management interface, you have little to no maintenance fees, because you'll be able to update your own content. Keeping a website current, over time, can be the most expensive component in having a website, so having goffgrafix.com design your site with a dynamic content management interface can be a big savings. Heather's content management systems integrate search engine optimization, so that you can update meta tags for your site as well. Fees would occur only if you were making structural changes to the site, or if the scripts on the site needed updating.

Goffgrafix accepts visa, amex, mastercard, discover, paypal and personal checks. Custom payments plans are available to suit your needs.

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