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If you are a real estate company on Martha's Vineyard and a member of LINKMV, Heather has developed two solutions for displaying the LINKMV IDX feed on your website.

  1. If you don't have a website yet, or want to redo your current website, Heather Goff has developed this customizable prototype built on a wordpress blog platform - the goffgrafix-blog-realestate site.
    It pulls the real estate listings from the Martha's Vineyard LINK multiple listing feed (LINKMV).
    Because it is set up on a wordpress platform, it gives you all of the advantages that a blog can offer: you can add to and update content, post blog posts, syndicate your content, password protect pages and posts, and build a site rich in keywords. Heather can customize the site's graphics to match your company's colors and branding. Click here to view the prototype and to learn more.
    Here some sites built with Heather's custom Wordpress solution.
  2. If you already have a website and just want to add the feed to it, Heather has developed the programming to parse the IDX feed to display the listings directly on your website, as well as reporting functionality. You must have a valid contract and key from LINK Martha's Vineyard. To see the prototype, please click here. The cost is $20/month subscription plus a 1 time installation fee.

    The monthly subscription covers any maintenance and programming changes as the feed evolves. The installation fee is just the cost of the time it takes to install the programming on your website, with customizations, charged at $82/hour. The average installation for existing goffgrafix.com clients is between 1 and 2 hours. If you do not host with goffgrafix.com and/or you are not an existing goffgrafix.com client, the installation will take more time. For more information on the prototype and system requirements, please click here.

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