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E-Commerce Solutions

WordPress Shopping Cart Themes

Heather can help you install and customize a WordPress shopping cart plugin/and or theme. Prices vary depending upon the amount of programming required.

Custom content management systems for dynamic store fronts.

Heather developed several custom content management systems for dynamic store fronts. These dynamic store front modules enable you to manage your store products and categories of products. They tie into mals-e.com third party shopping cart software. Prices range from $650 - $1250. Graphic design and programming the rest of the site templates is not included.

*Prices are based on the assumption that the sites will be hosted by goffgrafix.com with our RS3 hosting package at $16/month.

* Prices do not include customization, search engine optimization or the cost of uploading data to the site once the content management systems are completed.

* Prices do not include graphic design of the site. These modules are put in place once the graphic design is complete.


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