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Tutorial – Editing text in your intuitive-website CMS

PART 1: Copying and Pasting from WORD

It is beneficial to compose your text first in Word or Appleworks or another software that has spellcheck, and then copy and paste the text into the CMS text editor interface. Please view this tutorial before doing so.

Part 2: Web Site Structure

Basic overview of how content on a website is structured.

Part 3: Creating bulleted and ordered lists

Below are instructions on how to add a bulleted or ordered list to your intuitive-website content with the text editor.

Part 4: Linking to other websites and Email Links

How to create hyperlinks to other websites and also how to create e-mail links.

Part 5: More Text Formatting

How to change font styles, alignment and colors.

Part 6: Uploading Images to your content

How to embed an image into your intuitive-website pages using the text editor.