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How to place a feedburner email subscription form on your blog

A great way to keep up to date with a blog that you love to follow is to subscribe to an email subscription of their posts. That way, when a new post is made, it lands right in your email inbox. If you want to offer this to people who visit your blog, it is easy to do.

The first step is to create a feedburner account for your blog. Feedburner is now one of the tools that google offers, so if you have a google account, you can log in, click the feedburner icon under your account settings

and fill in the address of your blog’s feed.

(If your blog is hosted on my server, the address would be [blog-address]/index.php/feed/rss/
So my blog feed URL or address, for example, is http://goffgrafix.com/blog/index.php/feed/rss/ )

Once you’ve burned your feed with feedburner, you click on the name of the feed, and then click on the publicize tab.

And then click on the email subscriptions link in the left hand menu

You then need to activate that service by clicking on the activate button.

Once you’ve activated the email subscriptions, feedburner gives you the embed code for the opt in form that will let visitors subscribe to your blog and have it arrive in their email inbox.

Highlight and copy all of the code, and then you can paste it into a blog post or a text widget on your blog website.