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adding multiple administrators to a facebook business page

Having a facebook business page is good for your business. In order to create one, you need to first have a personal facebook account. You log in to your personal facebook account and then click the link to create a business page. The person who creates the page is the administrator.

Let’s say you create a business page, and now you want to have someone else help you edit it. To avoid having them logging into your personal facebook account to do the editing, you need to add them as another administrator to the page.

Many of my clients have set up facebook business pages, and they then approach me to help them customize them – adding custom boxes, photos and banners. On other occasions, a client might ask me to set up a business page for them, and then I need to add them as an additional administrator, so that they can log in and make changes.

Here is the illustrated version of how to add additional administrators to your business page.

I am using my business page as an example.

Step 1: Go to facebook.com and, logged in as the person who created the page, browse to the business page.

Step 2. Click on the edit page link, found under the image on the left. (see image below)


Step 3: Once you get to the next page, in the right hand column, about halfway down, it lists the administrators of the page, and there is a link for adding a new administrator. Click on that link. (see image below)


Step 4: If the new administrator is already a facebook friend of yours, just type in their name and select them. If they are not your facebook friend, or don’t have a facebook account, then enter their email address in the field provided “Add Admins Via Email”.

Then click on the blue “Add Admins” button. (see image below)


The person you have chosen will receive an email notifying them that they have been selected to help administrate the facebook page.

The subject of the email will look like the picture below (but with their name instead of mine and the name of the business page they’ve been added to):


The body of the email will look similar to the one below (but with different names), and they should click on the link to view the page.


If they are not already a member of facebook, they will be prompted at that point to create a facebook account. They need to have a personal facebook account in order to administrate the business page. If your chosen administrator already has a facebook account, they can just log in to proceed. If they don’t have a facebook account, then they can click on the link provided to sign up for one.


And that concludes how to add additional administrators to your facebook business page.

Can facebook effect your business prospects?

I love facebook. I work alone in a home office, and that can be isolating. Facebook makes me feel part of a larger community. When I log in to facebook, I can immediately see what my friends are doing – those who post updates. One person might be heating up their coffee, another working on a new painting, someone else may be taking their kids to the park, and another might be announcing a teleseminar that they are holding. I feel connected, and that is a great feeling.

One of my friends is spending this holiday traveling with her family. When she takes photographs of their vacation, she posts them the same day, and it is great to be able to share their journey visually.

I initially started my facebook page for business networking, so I use it mostly to talk about what projects I am working on. It is starting to transform a little bit into a more personal space, as I reply to my friends listings, but I am still very aware that I started the page to leverage my business, and not just to socialize.

I encourage everybody to join facebook. However, it is very important to decide what you are going to use facebook for – for socializing with your friends, for business networking, for promotion of a band or venue. The reason being that how you write and what you share can impact your professional life if prospective employers or clients (or friends of prospective employers and/or clients) read your posts. The impact can be positive, or negative, depending upon what you’ve written.

One of my colleagues just started a facebook page, and her husband cautioned her not to show her age. In this competitive job market, would she be discriminated against if prospective employers knew she was over 50? Maybe. If someone has repeated posts of a certain political slant – would that alienate prospective clients? Maybe.

Do you want to network with only your closest friends? or do you want to network with friends and business colleagues? You can set your privacy settings so that only people you have “friended” can see your posts, and so who you decide to accept as friends can dictate the type of information that you post. Still, don’t forget that whatever you post on the internet is public. What you write on a friend’s wall, their friend’s can view. A good motto is: if you don’t want the world to know it, don’t post it.

That said, I have to repeat, that I love facebook. I love reading about what my friends and colleagues are doing, and feeling connected to a larger community. It makes the four walls of my home-office-cubicle transparent, and I can visualize a whole world unfolding beyond them.

Do you use facebook? Have you ever read anything posted that would make you think twice about hiring or working with someone? Have you ever posted something that you immediately wished you could “unpost”?