Are you having trouble getting single line spacing in your blog?

A number of my clients use WordPress, and most of the others have custom content management systems with which they can manage their website content.

One of the help questions that comes my way frequently has to do with their content showing up double spaced.

This doesn’t occur when typing a normal paragraph and hitting the return or enter key to start a new paragraph. The text in the paragraph is fine.

It happens when you need single line breaks. For example, you are writing a poem, a recipe, a resume; you need short sentences or phrases separated by single line breaks, but when you hit the enter or return key, the blog editor thinks you are preparing for a whole new paragraph.

The solution is really easy. Hold down the shift key when you hit “enter” or “return”. This will force a single line break.

If you have copied and pasted text from word or another text editor, you may need to delete the space between the lines and then go in and reapply the line break holding down the shift key.

Here is an example:





just hitting my return button.

Holding down the shift key when I hit return.


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