embedding flickr slideshows with video into your blog

Flickr has a pro membership. For 24.95/year or $47.99 for two years, you get unlimited uploads and storage, unlimited sets and collections, access to your original files, stats on your account, add-free browsing and sharing and video upload tools.  Flickr’s pro membership lets you upload video clips up to 90 seconds in length and 150mb.

Flickr slide shows are not the most elegant, but with the ability to add video, what a great addition this can be to your blog or website!

  • on a travel site or real estate site, to show a montage of photographs and  videos of a featured location
  • on a cooking site, to intersperse “how to” video and photos of the final products
  • start a photo slide show with a video introduction.
  • piece together a slide show of multiple videos – to create a full length tutorial or demo.

In three easy steps you can create a set of photos and videos on flickr, and then embed that set into your blog or web page.

  1. Log into flickr, go to upload photos and videos (under the “You” menu in the top navigation). Upload your photos and videos. Make sure you have selected that anyone can see your photos.
  2. Once your photos and videos are uploaded, click on the “Organize” link in the top navigation, and then click on “Sets and Collection”.  In the top left click on “Create a new set”, and drag your photos and videos from your photo stream at the bottom of the page onto your set. Your screen should look like this:

    Once you’ve dragged all the photos and videos into your set, hit the save link at the bottom of the left column to save your new set.

  3. Click in the top right the link that says, “Your photostream” to return to your photos. In the right column you should see your sets. Click on the image representing the set that you want to share, and then click the “slide show” link in the top right. When the slide show loads, click the “Share” link in the top right. This will give you embed code to add it to your blog or website. Make sure you switch to the html view in your blog editor before pasting in the code.

I created a set of images of our puppy, and included a quick video that I shot this morning – just to test how it would work.

View my slide show of our miniature schnauzer, Rosco, below.

If you don’t want people to be able to download your flickr photos, when you log into flickr, in the top navigation under ‘You’, choose ‘Your account’ and then click on the ‘privacy and permissions’ tab. The first setting is “Who can download your pictures” and there is an ‘edit’ link to the far right of it. Click on that link to adjust the settings.

8 thoughts on “embedding flickr slideshows with video into your blog

  1. Heather Goff Post author

    I have found, going back in and editing my post after adding the flickr slide show can break the slide show. Flickr also seemed to have some major connectivity issues on the same day I posted this blog post. Does anyone else have an idea of Flickr’s reliability as a feed source?

  2. Todd Follansbee

    I view a great many blogs and I am liking yours more and more Heather. One thoughts from 10+ years of user testing. Photos, when limited in number will attract over 90% of visitors eyes to the photo. Therefore It is one of the single most important branding component on a page and it is our natural inclination to look for captions. Next time you see a newspaper or magazine check out meaningless and disappointing the photos become without captions. On a web page that caption can even be a call to action. SO I recommend to all my clients whenever you include images or videos, such as heather wisely recommends here, also include captions. It may end up being the only thing that people remember from your page!

  3. Heather Goff Post author

    Todd, what great feedback! I’ll have to remember to add captions to my photos. It is so easy to overlook those details and they are SO important. Thank you!

  4. Janine

    hey Heather
    Thanks for the great post. I have included captions on my photos however they do not appear in slideshow mode or when embedded onto our website. have you had any luck with this?

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