7 online services that I find invaluable

There are a handful of online services that I find myself using on a weekly basis that are invaluable to my business. Every time I use them, I feel a sense of gratitude, and the thought,  “this is really making my life easier,” bubbles up in my brain.

I want to share them with you.

FREE SERVICES (with upgrades)

  1. yousendit.com
    Need to send a file that is too large to e-mail? With yousendit.com you can send unlimited 2GB files and folders.
  2. altertra.com
    Alertra is a website monitoring service. I use its spot check to see if a website is being connected to globally. It will show you the connectivity of your website from locations around the world and how long it took them to connect to your site.
  3. ipchicken.com
    Go to ipchicken.com and it will show you your current IP address.
  4. domaintools.com
    I use domaintools.com to look up where a website is registered and hosted. Often my clients don’t remember where they registered their domain names, and domaintools.com is an easy way to look up the information.
  5. tweetlater.com
    I have set up tweetlater to email me replies to my tweets and also tweets with keywords that interest me. On days where I don’t have time to log into twitter, I can still stay somewhat connected.


  1. browsercam.com
    I use browsercam’s remote access to test websites that I am developing on different platforms and browsers.
  2. lynda.com
    lynda.com offers tutorials on every software that you can imagine. This is the best source for software tutorials that I have found.

Is there an online service that you use? that helps your productivity and that you swear by? Please share in the comments area.

2 thoughts on “7 online services that I find invaluable

  1. Rick

    I just started using “drop.io”. For me it’s the swiss army knife of blogging / documentation / file access / etc. on the web. No excuses for not keeping track anymore, and might even have to start collaborating (can I ‘play well with others’?!?)

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